It’s Our Anniversary!!

We celebrated our anniversary at the end of December. My husband planned a quick getaway at a lovely Hilton Hotel on the beach. Lunch was at a nice French cafe called Sage. Our couple’s massage was relaxing and dinner was at a place called Chart House. Hilton was great of course! Sage provided a free mimosa with lunch and the food and service was good too. Chart House had good food but the service was not so great that day. We waited about an hour to get our food. I don’t know if they were short staffed or if something else was going on in the kitchen. We did not let the long wait at dinner ruin or mood. We were there to celebrate making it through a year of marriage darn it!


We’ve made it through a year! My, how time flies…We planned for months to have a fun and beautiful wedding, only to have the day of the event fly by like a top secret jet going at supersonic speeds! To anyone who is planning a wedding, make sure you take lots of pictures and a video if you can afford it. I heard people telling me stories of how some of my the members of my bridal party danced down the aisle, but it was nicer to see it for myself when I watched the wedding video later. The video also came in handy when I wanted to clock my husband upside the head. I watched the video to remember one of the happiest moments of our life together. We’ve had other moments, but that one is one of my favorites. All of our friends and family gathered in one place to celebrate us! What’s not to love about that?!


It’s been a roller coaster ride but the good outweigh the bad so I’ve decided to stick around. Marriage is all about compromise, respect, love and all the stuff in between. Marriage is like a full time job. Some of us love our jobs, some of us are indifferent towards our jobs and some of us tolerate our jobs. I find that marriage is even more work when you come from different backgrounds. I am of Haitian descent and my husband is of Chinese descent. His family grew up in New York and my family grew up in Florida. Some times I feel like we are from two different worlds, but we have some things in common that keep us engaged. We love good food; good movies and we love a good laugh. We both try our best to be compassionate towards others. I like to receive, but I find that her and I like to give more than we receive (Luke 12:48 From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked).


I am so thankful for the life we have. It’s not perfect, but I know it is great and I am grateful. My goal this year is to make it greater. I am sure that is everyone’s goal every year, but I still listed it as mine as well. Cheers to those of us who still follow the old clichĂ© of New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s start off strong and finish stronger! Here’s to wishing all of our wonderful dreams come true! God bless!

The top tier of our cake held up pretty well. Just a little buckling, but it was still sweet to the smell and the taste buds, courtesy of Divine Delicacies.



A ginger drink from Chart House


The view from our room.



Crabs eggs benedict from Sage